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Horní Čermná

Discover the beauty of Horní Čermná and take advantage of the opportunities it offers

Protestant church

The protestant church is in the middle of the village. Guests are also welcome to church mass and cultural events. Visit of church - tour - can be arranged with pastor Jakub Keller.



Pilgrimage site - Mary's Church

If you visit Horní Čermná, take your time to visit Marienberg. Tehre is also a playground for small travelers. It is possible to arrange a visit with Mr. Pecháček. In September, a traditional pilgrimage takes place at St. Mary's Church.


Swimming pool

Swimming pool is open in summer, it offers a welcome refreshment. There are also paddling pools and a large space for sitting, picnicking and playing for children. Snacks can be bought on site.

Tennis courts

It is possible to organize tennis courts and take lessons with the trainer.

Gym in school

There is a big gym with climbing wall in elementary school.