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Hejlův mlýn guesthouse is situated in a dream valley of Bájský stream, in the outskirts of the village Horní Čermná. Vladimír Hejl (my grandfather) with his wife Libuše (my grandmother) grained grains here till late 1940s. After my grandfather´s death in 1978, the mill was not permanently inhabited and decayed.

In 2007, my father, my husband and I decided to reconstruct the mill and we started the preparations. In winter 2012, my husband and I moved from Brno back to my home village, and the reconstruction began in spring 2012. Hejlův mlýn guesthouse was opened in December 2013.

We believe, Hejlův mlýn guesthouse will charm you and convince you, there was no other way than to reconstruct it. However, it was not easy in any way... 



Holiday with Children

Children are welcomed in Guesthouse Hejlův mlýn. There is common room with children corner, outside children playground, children equipment to hire (pots, stools, changing mats etc.).



Active Holiday

Hejlův mlýn guesthouse serves as an excellent base and start-up point for those coming to spend their holiday on a bike, skis and those who love hiking. There is a room for storing you own sport equipment in the guesthouse and we also run a small sport equipment rental (you can hire bikes, helmets, skis and boots for cross-country skiing). In a short distance from Hejlův mlýn, there are tennis courts and an outside swimming pool. In the gym of the local primary school, you can make use of a climbing wall. When there is enough snow, the cross-country skiers can join the ski run right next to the guesthouse, and after 15-minute car drive you can enjoy the fully prepared cross-country skiing tracks in Čenkovice. If you prefer downhill skiing and have small children, you can take advantage of short ski tows in neighbouring villages Výprachtice a Bystřec. A large downhill skiing site can be found in Čenkovice.